Microsoft pubCenter: A New Hope for Small Publishers

Microsoft pubCenter: A New Hope for Small Publishers

Small publishers have long faced challenges when monetizing their websites. Google AdSense has been a popular choice for many years, but it can be difficult to join, especially for new and smaller publishers. Microsoft's new pubCenter platform offers a more accessible and flexible alternative for small publishers, helping them overcome some of the entry barriers experienced with other advertising solutions.

What is Microsoft pubCenter?

Microsoft pubCenter is a new ad platform designed to help small publishers monetize their websites. It is currently in pilot release in the United States, but Microsoft plans to roll it out globally in the coming months.

To get started with Microsoft pubCenter, publishers simply need to sign up for an account and integrate a single piece of code on their website. Microsoft will then serve ads from the Microsoft Advertising Network, which includes advertisers from Microsoft Invest and the Microsoft Advertising Platform.

Benefits of Microsoft pubCenter

Microsoft pubCenter offers several key benefits for small publishers, including:

  • Flexible mediation: Publishers can use Microsoft pubCenter ads alongside Google AdSense in the same ad units. Microsoft will only serve its ads when it predicts a higher bid, offering a dynamic approach to ad selection.
  • Control over ad placement: Businesses can determine the number of ads displayed on their site and their precise placement, allowing them to manage the user experience effectively.
  • High-quality ads: Microsoft pubCenter ensures that ads served are relevant to the content on the publisher’s website and the interests of its visitors, enhancing user engagement and ad effectiveness.
  • No entry costs or revenue minimums: Small publishers can start using Microsoft pubCenter without incurring sign-up costs, revenue minimums, or volume requirements, making it accessible for a broad range of websites.

Why Microsoft pubCenter is Good for Small Publishers

Microsoft pubCenter is a good development for small publishers because it offers increased competition and choice in the ad monetization space. Publishers now have an alternative to AdSense, which can be difficult to join and maintain.

Microsoft pubCenter is also more accessible and flexible for small publishers. It has no entry requirements and allows publishers to have more control over their ad placement. This makes it a good option for publishers of all sizes, especially those who are new or smaller.


Microsoft pubCenter is a new ad platform that offers a more accessible and flexible alternative to Google AdSense for small publishers. It is still in pilot release, but it has the potential to revolutionize the ad monetization space for small businesses and websites.

If you are a small publisher looking for a way to monetize your website, Microsoft pubCenter is worth considering. It is easy to use and offers a number of benefits, including flexible mediation, control over ad placement, high-quality ads, and no entry costs or revenue minimums.

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