Best Ways for Publishers to Increase RPM in 2024

Best Ways for Publishers to Increase RPM in 2024

In today's dynamic media landscape, maximizing revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is crucial for publishers to thrive. With declining cookie-based targeting and ever-evolving user preferences, staying ahead of the curve requires strategic innovation. This article explores effective strategies to elevate your RPM in 2024, equipping you with actionable insights to unlock new revenue streams and solidify your financial footing.

1. Embrace Header Bidding for Increased Competition:

Header bidding, where multiple ad networks compete for your ad space in real-time, fosters a bidding war that drives up CPM (cost per mille). Implement hybrid header bidding, utilizing both client-side and server-to-server options, to access a wider pool of advertisers and maximize competition for your inventory. This approach ensures transparency, control, and the highest possible bids for each impression.

2. Diversify Your Ad Portfolio with High-Performing Units:

Not all ad units are created equal. Experiment with various formats like native ads, in-feed video, and interstitial ads to identify those that resonate best with your audience. Consider responsive formats that seamlessly adapt to different devices and screen sizes. Remember, a balanced approach is key: prioritize user experience while creating valuable ad placements that don't disrupt content consumption.

3. Leverage Data & AI for Intelligent Targeting:

Harness the power of first-party data, like content engagement and user demographics, to create highly targeted audience segments. Utilize AI-powered tools for dynamic creative optimization (DCO), tailoring ad creatives to individual users for increased engagement and, consequently, higher CPMs. Remember to prioritize data privacy and user consent while leveraging these powerful tools.

4. Optimize Your Ad Placement Strategy:

Strategic ad placement plays a significant role in RPM optimization. Experiment with different ad positions, prioritizing placements above the fold, within relevant content sections, and on high-traffic pages. A/B testing various placements allows you to identify the sweet spots that deliver maximum engagement and revenue without compromising user experience.

5. Master the Art of Ad Refresh Rates:

Finding the optimal ad refresh rate is a delicate dance. While refreshing ads exposes users to new opportunities to click, excessive refreshes can be intrusive and negatively impact user experience. Analyze your data to identify the refresh rate that maximizes impressions and revenue while maintaining a positive user experience. Consider implementing smart refresh solutions that adjust refresh rates based on factors like user engagement and device type.

6. Embrace Native Advertising for Seamless Integration:

Native ads, designed to blend seamlessly with your content, offer a non-intrusive and engaging ad experience. Leverage native advertising platforms to create high-quality, contextually relevant ads that resonate with your audience and drive higher click-through rates (CTRs), ultimately boosting your RPM.

7. Explore New Revenue Streams Beyond Display Ads:

While display advertising remains a cornerstone, consider diversifying your revenue streams. Explore options like sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce partnerships. Offer premium subscriptions or exclusive content access for loyal readers. By providing valuable experiences beyond display ads, you can attract new audiences and unlock additional revenue channels.

8. Prioritize Mobile Optimization for a Dominant Audience:

With mobile traffic surpassing desktop, prioritizing mobile optimization is crucial. Ensure your website and ad placements are responsive and deliver a seamless experience on all devices. Utilize ad formats specifically designed for mobile, like rewarded video ads or interstitial ads, to maximize your mobile revenue potential.

9. Build Strong Relationships with Ad Networks & Partners:

Partnering with reputable ad networks and agencies can provide valuable insights, access to exclusive advertising opportunities, and expert guidance. Foster strong relationships with your partners, ensuring transparency and open communication to optimize campaigns and maximize your revenue potential.

10. Stay Informed and Adapt to Industry Trends:

The digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the curve by actively researching industry trends and attending relevant events. Explore emerging technologies like blockchain, connected TV (CTV), and voice search advertising to identify potential opportunities and adapt your strategies accordingly.


Increasing RPM requires a holistic approach. Experiment, analyze data, and continuously refine your strategies to find the optimal combination for your specific audience and content. By implementing these strategies, you can unlock new revenue streams, boost your RPM, and secure your financial success in the dynamic world of online publishing.

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