How To Get Your Own AdX?

Do you want to get your own self-served Google Ad Exchange account?

How To Get Your Own AdX?

Why you should have your own AdX account?

Your AdX account allows you to place programmatic advertising campaigns so you can get more demand for your inventory, resulting in a higher revenue.

Having your own Ad Exchange account in your Ad Manager gives you control, flexibility and transparency. You can create your own orders, set up your own AdX to compete with AdSense and other networks, and do it all in real time.

You can monitor your earnings and check your reports inside your account inside your Google Ad Manager. Paid directly by Google (between 21 and 26 of each month).

How can I get my AdX account if I'm a smaller publisher?

Ad.Plus can help you obtain your very own AdX account regardless of your traffic count or monthly revenue.

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