Advertising on Threads: Exploring Potential CPMs and RPMs

Advertising on Threads: Exploring Potential CPMs and RPMs

As Meta’s Threads, a text-based social media platform, plans to introduce advertisements, there are intriguing opportunities for advertisers and marketers to explore. This blog post delves into the potential of advertising on Threads, comparing it with other platforms, and discussing the advantages and challenges associated with this new advertising frontier.

Introduction to Threads

Threads, developed by Meta, is designed for text-based conversations and aims to build on the community and engagement found on platforms like Instagram. As it opens up for advertising, it’s important to understand the potential cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) and revenue per thousand impressions (RPMs) to evaluate its viability for advertisers.

Ad Options on Threads

Though specific details about ad formats on Threads are not yet fully disclosed, industry insiders suggest initial offerings will focus on in-feed placements, similar to how ads are integrated into Facebook and Instagram. This will likely be followed by ads within the trends and topics sections, providing multiple touchpoints for brand visibility.

Comparing CPMs and RPMs

To understand Threads' potential, let's compare estimated CPMs and RPMs with other popular platforms:

PlatformCPM (Estimated)RPM (Estimated)
Twitter (X)$6-$12$12-$25

Factors Influencing Ad Revenue on Threads

Threads has several potential advantages over its competitors:

  • User Base: Leveraging Instagram’s large user base can provide Threads with significant growth potential.
  • Ad Formats: A variety of ad formats including images, videos, and carousels can attract diverse advertisers.
  • Ad Targeting: Utilizing Meta’s sophisticated targeting capabilities can enhance ad effectiveness.
  • Content Suitability: The combination of text, image, and video content offers rich opportunities for ad placement.
  • Brand Safety: Meta’s strong brand safety measures ensure a secure environment for advertisers.

Conversely, platforms like Twitter face challenges such as a declining user base and limited ad formats, which can impact their ad revenue potential.

Estimating Ad Revenue

To evaluate Threads' potential ad revenue, let’s consider some hypothetical scenarios:

  • Threads’ Monthly Active Users (MAU): 100 million
  • X’s Monthly Active Users (MAU): 250 million
  • Threads’ Average RPM: $15
  • X’s Average RPM: $10
  • Threads’ Monthly Ad Impressions: 50 billion
  • X’s Monthly Ad Impressions: 100 billion

Using these assumptions:

  • Threads’ Monthly Ad Revenue: 100 million MAU×50 billion impressions/1000×$15 RPM=$75 billion100 \text{ million MAU} \times 50 \text{ billion impressions} / 1000 \times \$15 \text{ RPM} = \$75 \text{ billion}100 million MAU×50 billion impressions/1000×$15 RPM=$75 billion
  • X’s Monthly Ad Revenue: 250 million MAU×100 billion impressions/1000×$10 RPM=$250 billion250 \text{ million MAU} \times 100 \text{ billion impressions} / 1000 \times \$10 \text{ RPM} = \$250 \text{ billion}250 million MAU×100 billion impressions/1000×$10 RPM=$250 billion

To surpass X’s ad revenue, Threads would need significantly more ad impressions or a higher RPM. However, with its advantages in user engagement and ad formats, Threads has the potential to achieve and even exceed these goals.

Advantages for Advertisers on Threads

Here are some key benefits for advertisers considering Threads:

  1. Seamless Instagram Integration: Enables cross-promotion and audience expansion.
  2. Meta’s Advertising Expertise: Provides robust tools and targeting options.
  3. Early Adopter Advantage: Opportunity to establish a strong presence early.
  4. Strong Brand Safety: Ensures ads appear alongside appropriate content.
  5. Innovative Ad Formats: Potential for unique, engaging ad experiences.
  6. Targeted Advertising: Highly targeted ads using Meta’s data capabilities.
  7. Viral Reach Potential: Integration with Instagram enhances viral reach.
  8. Real-Time Engagement: Engage with users in real-time, gathering valuable feedback.
  9. Cost-Effective: Lower current costs compared to established platforms.
  10. Community Building: Encourages engaging conversations and loyal followings.

Effective Ad Formats on Threads

Given Threads’ unique format, certain ad types may prove particularly effective:

  1. Sponsored Threads: Promoted posts in users’ feeds.
  2. In-Thread Ads: Ads within existing conversations.
  3. Profile Takeovers: High-visibility ads on user profiles.
  4. Branded Hashtags: Sponsored hashtags to boost visibility.
  5. Shoppable Ads: Direct purchase options within the app.
  6. Personalized Recommendations: Targeted ad suggestions based on user data.

Challenges of Integrating Ads

Despite its potential, Threads faces several challenges:

  • User Adoption: Ensuring high user engagement before ad integration.
  • Data and Analytics: Developing robust analytics tools for advertisers.
  • Algorithm-Driven Feed: Creating targeted and personalized content.
  • Cross-Promotion Management: Handling campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Brand Safety: Maintaining a safe advertising environment.


Advertising on Threads presents a promising opportunity for brands to reach new audiences and engage in meaningful ways. By leveraging Meta’s expertise and innovative ad formats, Threads could become a significant player in the social media advertising landscape. Advertisers should stay informed about the platform’s developments and consider early adoption to capitalize on its potential.

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