Best Google AdSense Payment Methods

Best Google AdSense Payment Methods

Before you can select a payment method, your AdSense earnings must meet the payment method selection threshold. You then select your AdSense payment options by editing the payment details on the account settings page. You can choose between 5 different payment methods. It is important that you fully understand your options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Each of these payment options has pros and cons, and eligibility depends on your location and account type, e.g. Individual or company.

It's recommended that you read the Payments Guide to learn when payments are taken, the process, including the five steps to setting up your account, and basic information like paying taxes on AdSense earnings, before choosing your payment methods. The following Google AdSense payment settings are available:

US checks or local currency checks

When you select this payment method, you have the option of receiving funds in the US or in your country's currency. If you choose to use local currency checks, you should check the list of eligible countries to ensure your participation. You should also ensure that your financial institution accepts Citibank checks for trading, bearing in mind that fees will be issued.

Publishers receive their checks approximately 2-4 weeks after the mailing date, sometimes longer in remote rural areas. You can choose Safe Express Delivery option, which is faster, safer and takes 5-7 days for delivery. If you elect to receive checks as a payment option, a courier service fee will apply. Disadvantages of this payment method include delays/costs in cashing and processing checks, and the possibility of lost
checks and having to be reissued. Tracking tools are available through your AdSense account to ensure you can track your payments.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

An EFT is an electronic service that transfers your AdSense earnings directly to your bank account in your local currency. EFTs are available to publishers whose addresses are in the supported countries listed. These online payment methods are the fastest, easiest and most secure. all payment options. While you must have a bank account, you do not have to travel to raise money or negotiate checks. To ensure that this online payment method works, a
test amount will be processed to ensure it is successfully deposited into your account.

This service is available to all AdSense account holders. You cannot use a bank account in another country for tax and security reasons unless you change the country field in your payment address. than for those who prefer not to disclose these funds or have a bank account to receive these funds.


Rapida is another payment method that allows users to receive their AdSense earnings in cash. However, this service is currently only available in Russia and you will need to find a local post office that offers this service. You have to worry about bank fees and long processing times associated with depositing checks. This payment method is also only available to private individuals and there may be restrictions on the payment amounts. Users of this payment option are typically delayed by 3,
business days from the date shown on the Payment Details page.

Payment will be in US dollars with the option to exchange for local currency based on the local post office's exchange rates on the day.

Western Union Quick Cash

Western Union is a global money transfer service, but before selecting this AdSense payment setting, you should make sure Western Union is available in your country and offers Quick Cash services. If you want cash upfront, Western Union Quick Cash is the payment method for you. You can receive your AdSense earnings in cash for payout from your local Western Union representative one day after shipment, according to your regular payment plan. You don't have to wait
for the post office or courier to deliver your check. Commissions are not charged.

No need to deal with a bank and the high fees that come with it, make deposits and wait for those funds to clear. Although payment is made in US dollars, most Western Unions offer you the option of converting these funds into local dollars. Currency at the conversion rates prevailing on that day. You have 60 days to withdraw your payment from Western Union. Otherwise the money will be returned to your account. This payment option is only available to individual publishers as a Western Union
ID card is required to receive funds.

Overall, Western Union Quick Cash is worth considering for those who want fast, hassle-free payment options and prefer cash in their pocket.


The most secure payment method is the EFT known as electronic funds transfer, where funds are deposited directly into your account as soon as AdSense payments become available. This is followed by cash in your pocket, offered by Western Union or Rapida.

If none of these options work for you or if you are looking for an AdSense alternative there are some good networks out there such as Revcontent, Monetizemore, Freestar and Ad.Plus with wide range of dynamic payment methods that you can choose from.

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